Walbrook Outdoor Patio White Aluminum Armchairs With Cushions Set Of 2

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Introducing the Walbrook Mosaic Armchair, a versatile and durable seating option that combines style, comfort, and practicality. This armchair is designed to elevate your indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a cozy and inviting seating experience. The cushions of the armchair are crafted from high-quality polyester filled with cotton, ensuring optimal comfort and support. They are designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable seating experience. The cushions also have ties that can be used to secure them to the chair's frame, ensuring they stay in place and don't move around when you sit on them. The aluminum frame of the armchair provides durability and stability, ensuring that it can withstand the test of time. The frame is further enhanced with a powder-coated finish, adding a sleek and modern touch to its design. The armchair is a versatile piece that seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you're placing it in your living room, sunroom, or patio, this armchair is designed to withstand various weather conditions. It is resistant to weather, water, fading, and rust, making it a reliable choice for outdoor use. With UV protection, the armchair is shielded from the harmful effects of direct sun exposure, ensuring that its color and integrity remain vibrant and intact over time. The Walbrook Armchair offers a perfect blend of comfort, durability, and style. Its high-quality construction, removable cushion covers, and versatile design make it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you're creating a cozy reading nook, a stylish patio arrangement, or a comfortable seating area in your living room, the Walbrook Armchair is the perfect companion.

The frame of the armchair is enhanced with a powder-coated finish, adding a modern and stylish touch to its overall design. It complements various decor styles and adds elegance to your space.
The armchair features a sturdy aluminum frame that offers exceptional durability and stability. It is designed to handle everyday use and stay in great shape even after a long time.
The cushions are crafted from high-quality polyester filled with cotton, ensuring exceptional comfort and support. The materials used in the cushions provide a soft and cozy seating experience.
The cushion covers are removable and can be conveniently machine washed. This allows for easy maintenance and ensures that your armchair stays clean and fresh.
The armchair is a flexible seating option that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It seamlessly fits into different spaces, providing comfort and style.
Designed for outdoor environments, the armchair is resistant to weather conditions such as rain, water exposure, fading, and rust. It is also UV protected for sun exposure, ensuring durability under direct sunlight.
The armchair is designed for easy assembly. The instructions are clear, allowing you to quickly put the armchair together and start enjoying its comfort and style without delay.

Product Dimensions
Chair 34.25" H x 30.31" W x 33.66" D
Seat height With Cushions 17.5" without cushion 12.4
Seat Cushion 5.12" H x 25.6" W x 24.5" D
Back Cushion 21.3" H x 26" W x 10" D
Arm 23.8" H x 2.3" W
Back Height 21.85"