Modern Guest and Reception Seating

Choosing the Perfect Waiting Room, Guest, and Reception Chairs

When it comes to selecting the ideal waiting room and reception chairs, there are several essential factors to consider. These factors can greatly influence your decision and ensure you find the perfect seating solution for your space. Let's dive into the key purchase considerations:

1. Color: Color is a top priority for many shoppers, with 36% actively searching for chairs in specific shades. It's essential to find a color that complements your space and sets the right tone.


2. Seat Material: The material of the seat is crucial. Leather is the preferred choice for 50% of customers, followed by vinyl at 23%. Additionally, fabric, wood, and metal materials are gaining popularity in this category.


3. Commercial Use: Consider whether the chairs are suitable for commercial use, which is a vital requirement for most customers. A majority of customers typically search for chairs designed for this purpose.


4. Arms: The presence of arms on chairs is a significant consideration. Most customers prefer chairs with arms, rather than armless options.


5. Product Type: Shoppers are often searching for either waiting room chairs or reception chairs. Tandem seating options are also gaining traction in recent months.

6. Frame Material: In addition to the seat material, the frame material is worth considering. Customers may look for specific frame materials based on their preferences and durability requirements.


7. Features: Some chairs may come with unique features that meet specific needs, so it's important to evaluate these options as well.


8. Style: While not as common, style is another aspect that shoppers might consider, seeking chairs that align with their overall aesthetic.


9. Certifications: Some customers may prioritize chairs with specific certifications, so it's valuable to explore this aspect if it's important for your space.


10. Assembly: Check whether the chairs require assembly, as this can impact your decision.

Popular Choices:

• Gray, black, blue, brown, and white are among the most popular color choices.
• Leather and vinyl seat materials are frequently sought after.
• Yes, commercial use is a common requirement.
• With arms and armless options are both in demand.
• Waiting room chairs and reception chairs are the primary product types, with tandem seating gaining popularity.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed choice and select waiting room and reception chairs that suit your space and meet your specific needs.