Design Services

You have friends in the furniture business...

Led by management with over 40 years in the furniture business, the team of professionals at are here to assist you in all aspects of your home (+office) furnishing needs.

Design Services

We take out the stress and offer guidance through the design process: from the conceptual idea to execution, purchase, and installation. Call us at 855.238.7929 or e-mail your request for assistance at [email protected].

Detailed Specification Schedule

We provide a complete schedule of project details to ensure accurate, quality completion of your project. It is an organization map that details colorizing, painting, lighting and electrical fixtures. This schedule is a perfect communication tool for you to use between us and your contractor or builder.

White Glove Services

Click HERE to tell us about your needs for our logistics services team. Do you need extra services at the time of your delivery, such as moving an existing furniture item to another room? We can also help with receiving and storing items for delivery at a future date. Let us know what you need and we'll provide you with a quote.

Floor Plan Review

We review your rooms for ideal function and livability. Architectural drawings help us to anticipate potential problems and recommend changes. Our plans deliver a clean, scaled comprehensive view of the project. Feng shui is one tool to make a home feel warm and open.

Custom Interior Design

The design process begins by creating a distinctive color palette by using an inspiration piece, and then coordinating furnishings selected for your needs. We then incorporate the remaining essential elements of design including recommendations for flooring, window treatments and bedding, wall coverings, hand-painted finishes, artwork, florals, and accessories.

Measuring Your Space

How to measure your room:

The Big Picture

Before choosing furniture, consider the windows, doors, vents and electrical outlets in the room. Does a door open into the space? What about lighting: will you use table lamps, or would floor lamps work better?

Draw It Out
Next, measure the perimeter of the room and draw a simple floor plan to plot your furniture placement. Grid paper or either of our room planners work great! Your natural architect will come out.

Details, Details
Don't forget to add the details to each room's standard furnishings. You'll want to plan for other items such as armoires, ottomans, and accent tables. A bench at the end of the bed or extra storage can make a difference in any room.

How to measure for delivery

Follow these simple guidelines to help ensure an efficient delivery. Remember to relay this information to our staff when scheduling your delivery.

Measure the height and width of your entryways, including elevator doors, entry doors, and the door of the space where the furniture will be placed.

Furniture Dimensions
Measure the furniture to be delivered and determine if it can go straight through entryways or if it will have to go in at an angle on on end.

Larger Pieces
For upholstered furniture, such as sofas and chairs, measure the overall length, depth, back height and diagonal depth. Diagonal depth is helpful when determining if the piece can be brought in on end. To determine the diagonal depth: measure from the top of the back to the front of the arm. Find the mid-point of that measurement and measure from the mid-point to lower back leg.

Bulky Items
For wood furniture, such as armoires and bookcases, measure the overall height, width and depth. Diagonal height (from top left corner to bottom right corner) is helpful when determining if the piece can be brought in on a tilt.

Make sure there is a clear and unobstructed path in front of and beyond each doorway. Make note of any fixtures, decorative moldings, and interior walls, ceiling heights, stairwells and hand railings that may pose an obstacle once inside.