Modern Mirrors

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Mirrors, both functional and decorative, are versatile additions that can elevate the ambiance of your home. At West Elm, we offer an extensive range of options to suit every space and style. Choose from floor mirrors, wall-mounted mirrors, tilting mirrors, multipurpose designs, large and small artisan-crafted mirrors, as well as various shapes like circular, square, or asymmetrical creations. Our diverse collection ensures you'll find the perfect mirror to complement any room.

Mirrors are renowned for their ability to create the illusion of spaciousness by reflecting natural light. Placing a mirror opposite a window brings the outdoors inside and enhances the sense of roominess, which is especially valuable in smaller spaces. In rooms with darker decor, strategically positioned lighting near a mirror not only expands the perceived space but also becomes a captivating focal point. Consider sconces on either side of a mirror, a stylish floor lamp beside a mirror, or an elegant chandelier nearby. For example, dining room lighting can interact with mirrors to enhance the overall ambiance during entertaining. Mirrors framed with capiz shells exude a delicate shimmer in the light, while herringbone patterns create a bold statement on the wall. Explore our mid-century lamps for more inspiration.

Mirrors not only serve functional purposes but are also popular for their decorative appeal. You can opt for frameless designs for a modern look or select frames that harmonize with your decor. Wood frames infuse warmth, while bronze and antique brass offer a traditional touch, and silver frames exude a contemporary feel. Faceted frames play with light at various angles, capturing and reflecting patterns from surrounding fixtures, such as our mid-century lamps. Many mirrors are designed as artistic expressions, featuring overlapping squares, diamonds, multi-circle arrangements, or intriguing smoked and frosted patterns.

In entryways, a well-placed mirror instantly enhances the perception of spaciousness and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Mirrors with hooks or drawers underneath offer practical storage solutions for coats, bags, keys, and essentials while allowing a quick appearance check on your way in and out.

In the bedroom, a floor mirror or a tilting stand mirror provides a full-length view to assess your outfit from every angle. For makeup application, a vanity mirror is the ideal choice, and mirrors with hidden storage keep your jewelry safe and organized.

When choosing a mirror for your space, consider the size, shape, and intended purpose, whether functional or decorative. With these key decisions in mind, you can explore our mirror collection and find the perfect design to enhance your home.