Modern Office Conference Tables

Elevate Your Workspace with the Perfect Conference Table

Equipping your office or home office with a conference table is the first step to leading productive team meetings. A spacious office table provides the ideal gathering place for reviewing goals and objectives. Whether you're in a corporate setting, collaborating with a small team in a shared workspace, or working from home, a conference table is an invaluable addition to your office furniture. Modern conference room tables come in a wide array of shapes, styles, and designs. Finding the perfect table to complement your space is as simple as considering dimensions, materials, and design. Regardless of shape or style, your ideal conference table should seamlessly fit into your space and accommodate your typical meeting size. Browse our collection of conference tables to furnish your office, featuring a variety of styles, including boat-shaped, bow tie, circular, rectangular, and premium conference tables, all designed to promote teamwork and collaboration at work!

Choose from an array of sizes and shapes for conference room tables, ranging from 5' to 20' and beyond. The best office tables seamlessly integrate into your space without creating a cramped seating area. Allowing 2-3 feet behind each chair ensures comfortable seating without squeezing against the walls. For compact spaces, consider rectangular conference tables to maximize your collaborative workspace without overwhelming the room. The narrow profile of rectangular tables conserves space effectively. If you have ample room to fill a spacious conference area, explore oval, boat-shaped, and circular conference tables.

Selecting the right material and finish for your office decor is essential. At Eurway, our conference room tables are crafted from durable and stylish materials, including wood, stone, glass, and metal. These materials play a pivotal role in creating an appealing design. Whether it's a wood tabletop with a metal frame or a glass tabletop with a wooden base, our conference tables embody the essence of modern design. Complement these materials with finishes such as white, pine, maple, green, and birch, which can be applied to tabletops or table legs, adding style and functionality to your workspace.

To make a statement with your conference room table, consider the base design. Choose from options like h-shaped, slab, x-shaped, trestle, cylinder, and traditional table legs. A cylinder base offers sleek, clean lines for a modern look, while a trestle base adds character to the table's foundation. Combining these bases with a stylish tabletop ensures your conference room or office table seamlessly integrates into any room, making a lasting impression.