Modern Wall Scones

Illuminate Your Living Space with Stylish Sconces

In every home, proper lighting is a fundamental aspect. While most rooms come equipped with ceiling lights, they may not always provide the full brightness needed for larger spaces. That's where sconces come into play, offering an elegant solution to not only enhance illumination but also create an inviting ambiance. These modest fixtures prove invaluable when a subtle, warm glow is desired, whether you're engrossed in a movie or engrossed in the pages of a good book.

An Array of Wall Sconce Choices

Sconces, with their diverse styles and colors, can beautifully accentuate your living space. Modern sconces generally fall into one of three categories:

Basic Sconces: Featuring a minimalist design and equipped with a single light bulb, these fixtures add a touch of understated elegance. Their compact design makes them versatile, allowing you to infuse light into any wall in your home effortlessly.

Multi-Bulb Wall Sconces: For areas requiring more intense illumination, multi-bulb wall sconces are a perfect choice. These fixtures emit abundant light and are particularly well-suited for installation above a contemporary bathroom vanity or in spaces like hallways and kitchens.

Extendable Sconces: Combining modernity and practicality, these sconces feature adjustable arms that can tilt and swivel, allowing you to direct light precisely where needed. Whether positioned by the bedside or at your home office workspace, these sconces prove to be versatile and functional.

Materials and Finishes

Trendy wall sconces artfully blend materials with a modern aesthetic, incorporating elements like glass and metal. Choose from a palette of exquisite finishes, including gleaming polished nickel, timeless metallic black, and elegant antique brass. These captivating wall sconces effortlessly infuse a modern metallic allure into any bare wall space within your home.


The right wall sconce not only enhances your room's luminosity but also stands as a striking decorative accent. Peruse the Eurway collection of sconces to discover a fixture that perfectly complements your interior design style. Illuminate your living space with modern elegance today.