Valley Composition Bookcase005

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Like a dance Valsa’s shapes guide you through the books of your life. It was inspired by the variety of sizes of objects and books, as this shelving unit breaks with the common rigidity of typical bookshelves. Valsa’s wavy profile brings an exciting rhythm to any interior, while introducing an incredibly stylish piece.

Matte grey finish
Panels made of painted chipboard panels.
Wave effect
Product weight capacity: 434
Shelf 13'' weight capacity: 13
Shelf 27'' weight capacity: 10
Assembly Required

Product Dimensions
H88 x W85 x D13
Depth alternating: 11 and 13''
Width shelves: 13" and 27"
Height between shelves: 9", 12.6", 8.7", 13.4", 14.2", 10.3", and 13.8"

Product Warranty
2 year warranty against product defects; damages due to the incorrect assembly or utilization of the product not included

Shipping Time
1 to 2 Weeks

Assembly Instructions
Please click here for assembly instructions