Concorde Modern Design Round Balls Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock

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Inspired by the greatest designer George Nelson, this clock features 12 colorful wooden balls as dials, With quality wood for the pinballs and the zinc alloy for the clock mechanism casing. With the pinwheel concept design, this clock definitely stands out from other ordinary clocks placed in the room. This clock totally shouts the beauty and durability of the reproduction of an original design by its originated designer. Featured with silent, non-ticking clock movement, the hands of the clock move quietly so there will be no ticking noise although the clock is analog type. The size is not too big and suitable to be placed in living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even in the office. Get one now and decorate your surrounding with this interesting and unique clock!

Clock is Silent Ticking.
Meadow Design.
Easy to read time.
Painted wood balls and metal spokes.
Quartz clock movement allowing for precise and maintenance-free measurements.
Clock hands are made of aluminum material.
Powered on 1 AA battery. Battery included. You can easily hang it on a wall by slotting the clock on a nail.

Product Dimensions
Tall 13 x 5-inch depth