5th Mar 2021

Tiny Houses and Their Furniture

The Tiny House Movement Requires its Own Brand of Furniture

The Movement

The Tiny House Movement is a reaction to the American tendency to live large. We have traditionally preferred large houses with large yards and big cars or SUVs. Gradually, people have come to understand the financial, environmental and social aspects of this lifestyle that can become problematic or even disastrous. In response, "Tiny Housers" prefer to make a smaller environmental impact on the world around them while keeping more money in their savings and spending more of their lives outside the home - both in nature and in social interaction. They do all of these at once by living in a home anywhere from 100 - 400 square feet. There is also a DIY component, as many "Tiny Housers" prefer to build their own homes instead of hiring someone else to do it.

Psychologically, the movement is based around wholeness, self sufficiency, a sense of adventure and a preference to organization, cleanliness and minimalism. There are many overlaps here between the Modernist Movement, the Minimalist Movement, the Sustainable Movement and the Tiny House movement, placing it square in the middle of everything we, as a company, are interested in and pursue on a daily basis.

The Houses

Tiny houses are exactly what they sound like - smaller buildings organized as efficiently as possible to fit the maximum amount of usability and comfort within their diminutive envelopes. They often reflect something about the personality of their owners through their style. They can come in any shape and style, but only one size range. Some are built on site by their owners while others are built in large warehouse style spaces with a mix of prefabricated components and custom pieces, and then transported to their site. People are constantly innovating in this field - some have taken to repurposing shipping containers into Tiny Homes through extreme customization. However they are designed and built, they all have a common goal of enclosing a small, manageable space and organizing everything within that space to maximum efficiency.

The Furniture

Ideal furniture for a Tiny House serves more than one purpose, and often has some kind of storage component built in. As you may have assumed, storage space becomes an absolute premium in Tiny Houses, even considering the fact that their owners are often minimizing as many possessions out of their lives as possible. Any time furniture can incorporate storage space into itself, it becomes a possible candidate for inhabiting a Tiny House. Other furniture great for Tiny Houses can rotate, pivot or collapse into themselves so as to save space or alter the space they inhabit back towards a wall or under the stairs. All incorporate some kind of extra feature that increases the spatial efficiency and multi-usability of the furniture, or at least have a dimensional aspect that makes them a better fit for a home of 400 total square feet.

The Tiny House Movement has several characteristics which pique our interest, especially those connected with modernism, minimalism and sustainability. Below are some furniture selections which could work in a Tiny House plan.

Mimico Modern Storage Ottoman in Natural Ash

Mimico Storage Ottoman

$950.00 - on sale for $760.00 until 8-14-16

The Mimico Storage Ottoman is a multi-purpose design with hidden storage - making it a great candidate for a Tiny House. It also has a clear coat protective finish for durability, is CARB Phase 2 compliant, and has adjustable non marking feet for uneven surfaces.

Dalton Modern Walnut Convertible Desk + FIle

Dalton Convertible Desk + File


The versatile Dalton Convertible Desk + File features a unique sliding desk top that converts the lateral file cabinet into a desk. This makes it great for small spaces since it can be closed to its compact mode when extra work space is not needed.

Paxton Modern Convertible Sofa

Paxton Sleeper


Convertible sofas are obvious candidates for Tiny Houses, as well as Murphy Beds. The Paxton Sleeper has stylish quilt tufted upholstery and a polished metal base. It easily converts from sofa to bed and vice versa, and has a cozy feel.

Exodus Convertible Dining Table + Console

Exodus Convertible Console + Dining Table


The Exodus Convertible Console + Dining Table is a great multi-purpose table that can display personal items by day and serve as a place to eat by night. It is an ideal solution for small spaces like Tiny Houses.

Passage Covertible Dining Table + Console

Passage Convertible Console + Dining Table


The Passage Convertible Console + Dining Table can be extended for use as a compact dining table for two by simply pulling the front legs forward, and flipping the butterfly extension into place. It is a simple modern multi-function table great for Tiny Homes.