23rd Jul 2020

Modern Sit + Stand Desks - Stand Up and Work!

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Although skepticism abounds, there are now many proven health benefits associated with standing while you work.

For Your Health

Working in an office environment can impact your health. Oftentimes, people who work in an office allow their lifestyle to gradually become much more sedentary. This does not have to be the case. There are now great options that allow you to stand and move around while you work. One of these options is utilizing a sit + stand desk.

Listed below are several proven health benefits to using a sit + stand desk and devoting about half your working time to standing while you work.

Burn Calories While You Work

Standing burns more calories than sitting by a significant margin. Burning calories while you work helps you avoid obesity. It has also been shown that burning more calories (sitting less) lowers stress levels and improves moods.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

It has been proven that standing after eating lowers your blood sugar levels when compared to sitting after eating. If you get in the habit of standing while you work after lunch every day, you will dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes.

Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Sitting too much and heart disease have been scientifically linked through rigorous testing. Standing about half the time you are at work dramatically reduces your risk for heart disease due to combined effects listed above and below - including burning more calories, lowering your blood sugar levels and lowering your stress levels.

Decrease Back and Joint Pain

Sitting and / or remaining in the same position for extended periods of time allows lactic acid to build up in your joints and back. Standing and moving allows you to work the lactic acid out of your joints, as well as readjust your posture. Standing for about half the time you work helps you straighten your back and avoid long term pain.

Workpad Adjustable Desk

Workpad Modern Adjustable Height Laptop Desk

The Workpad Adjustable Laptop Deskis commercial grade with a modern style perfect for standing and working at a small computer. Casters make it mobile as well. It uses a counter-balance mechanism to effortlessly move up and down.

Shift Adjustable Desk

Shift Modern Sit + Stand Desk

The Shift Adjustable Height Deskis commercial grade and adjusts at the push of a button. It has a 6.5' power cord and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Continuum Sit + Stand Desk

Continuum Modern Adjustable Height Desk

The Continuum Sit + Stand Deskfeatures silver-finished 14-gauge precision steel construction with telescoping legs and an electronic lift mechanism. It is loaded with features, such as wire management, and is built to commercial grade quality and durability.

Medford Lift Desk

Medford Lift Modern Standing Desk

The Medford Lift Deskfeatures a light gray laminate top with a contoured front edge that is height adjustable. The base is made from silver powder coated metal and the top lifts via two levers controlling pneumatic lift mechanisms. The front of the base has adjustable floor glides and the back has locking dual wheel casters for easy mobility.

Eurway.com is committed to offering the very best in modern ergonomic furniture. We are constantly updating our selection of contemporary adjustable height desks, so be sure to check our catalog often for new choices.