30th Jun 2021

Modern Lighting and Lighting Design

Check out new modern lighting design available at Eurway

We have recently added new selections to ourLighting Catalogso be sure to browse our entire collection. Below are some of my favorite designs from the new selections.

Lighting design is one of the most important aspects of interior design, and can have an overwhelming impact on a space's quality. Color temperature, direction, dispersion and intensity are what determine how we see the objects around us. Lighting design offers the opportunity to carefully control and manipulate these aspects so that a specific narrative can be told. Contemporary design incorporates and integrates lighting with a myriad of methods, and Eurway.com has hundreds of modern lighting options to help you create your ideally lit space.

Modern furniture is usually focused around the materials it is constructed from and finished with. Lighting design allows you to paint these finishes and materials with light, augmenting their perceived qualities. The light that bathes them is as important to the perceived quality of finishes as the material qualities themselves. In short - effective, stylish, beautiful and intelligent interior design demands critical thought regarding lighting choices. Use Eurway Modern Furniture as a resource in your quest to accomplish the perfect modern interior lighting design for your home or office.

When updating an interior's style, people often overlook their lighting fixtures. However, they can have a dramatic effect on the style of a space. Select fixtures that further the ideas you are pursuing with the rest of your interior's design.

Alejo Modern Hanging Lamps
Alejo Hanging Lamp
$138.00 each

The Alejo Hanging Lamp is an exposed bulb fixture with a beautiful and sleek nickel finish. It adds a polished feel to the space it's in while also bringing a rugged, industrial style. It's complex + ambiguous style makes it a new favorite of mine.

Darian Modern Floor Lamp
Darian Floor Lamp

The Darian Floor Lamp has a black marble base, a painted red body and a red fabric shade that appears to have been stretched into a contorted shape, giving it a dynamic feel. The Darian Floor Lamp provides color, light and Mid Century Modern style.

Fiona Modern Ceiling Lamp
Fiona Ceiling Lamp

The Fiona Ceiling Lamp is made of light-weight faux concrete and has 3 small round shades, suspended by contrasting red electrical cords. Install it alone for an industrial look in your kitchen or bar area, or hang several in your restaurant. They add a rich materiality and a subtle beauty wherever they are hung.

Jayce Chrome Table Lamp
Jayce Table Lamp

The Jayce Table Lamp has a sleek chrome finish and its form is reminiscent of Mid Century Modern Design. You can use it as an art spot uplight, or simply as a stylish table lamp.

Padraig Hanging Lamp

The Padraig ceiling lamp has a large dome shaped shade. Its shade material surrounds a metal architecture with a grey polyester, woven thread, zig zag pattern - creating a soft, see through shade. Install this modern ceiling lamp in kitchens, day rooms, living and dining rooms. The Padraig Ceiling Lamp is perfect for a softer look to your modern design.

Praveen Modern Ceiling Lamp
Praveen Ceiling Lamp

The Praveen Ceiling Lamp offers Mid-Century Modern styling - multiple golden arms burst from a single golden sphere. Itp is perfect for adding drama and glamour to any home or office. The Praveen Ceiling Lamp has a gold electroplated finish.

Terenti Modern Floor Lamp
Terenti Floor Lamp

The Terenti Floor lamp has a marble base and a satin metal arm with an elegant and adjustable chrome arc and round shade. It makes the perfect addition to a modern loft or spacious living room.

Transloetje Blue Modern Table Lamp by Fatboy
Transloetje Blue Table Lamp

The Fatboy Transloetje Blue Table Lamp is a unique, cool, contemporary lamp with tons of fun features. It is small and wireless, making it very mobile and easy to move in and out of doors. It is activated by touching its base, which turns the lamp on and toggles between its different brightness settings. The Transloetje Table Lamp comes with a battery, charger and stylized bulb and is available in several colors of tinted clear polycarbonate.