22nd Mar 2022

Customer Picks: Hanging Lights

New lighting is an easy update that can have a huge impact on the look of your home. These customer favorites are perfect for an entryway, hallway, dining room, or kitchen. Trending now are 'modern retro' fixtures and exposed bulbs.

Design Tip: Always measure your space before hanging to ensure your new fixture will be the right size for its surroundings.

1.Pulse Hanging Lamp|$379

2.Explode Hanging Lamp|$359

3.Pinsocket Hanging Lamp|$219

4.Paxton Hanging Lamp|$279

5.Optic Hanging Lamp|$499

6.Twist Hanging Lamp|$179

7.Molecular Hanging Lamp|$239

8.Velocity Hanging Lamp|$499

9.Cosmic Hanging Lamp|$559

Shimmer Hanging Lamp|$319

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