11th Jul 2022

Communal Dining And Social Interaction

Iris Manual Dining Table

Fewer things are better at bringing people together than gathering around for a meal. Dinner parties are often our best method for coaxing our friends and neighbors over for wine and conversation. Breaking bread has long been a communal event.

What better way to follow this idea to its logical conclusion, than by using communal seating for your next dinner party? Picture those great barbecue, shrimp boil, or other family style restaurants that use long benches instead of individual chairs for seating. This method often brings together different groups of people and cajoles them into interacting with one another, strangers though they may be. Increasing social interaction should be something we strive for in this modern world of technological isolation, where we email with friends halfway across the globe, but never bother meeting our neighbors.

Dining Benches are a great way to embrace open social interaction and entice conversation and intimacy. Check out these great modern dining benches from Eurway, and start bringing people together!

Genny Dining Bench

The Genny Dining Bench is great for dining spaces, accommodating two guests, or as additional seating in a living space. This modern bench is upholstered in gray polyurethane with a thickly padded seat atop a polished stainless steel base. It also works well at the foot of a bed, in an entryway or in a closet for dressing and putting on shoes.

Alden Rectangular Dining Bench

Meet the Alden Dining Bench - where timeless design meets practical comfort. Encapsulating the minimalist grace of mid-century modern styling, this piece offers a simplistic yet striking aesthetic that blends seamlessly with various dcor narratives. The bench provides a versatile seating option, while its three exquisite veneer finishes - American White Oak, Ebonized Red Oak, and American Walnut - promise a tailored match to your dining setup. The sturdy U-Frame base assures stability, inviting your guests to an elegant, comfortable seating experience where every meal is cherished, and every conversation becomes a precious memory.

Galvano Dining Bench in Gold

The Galvano 46" Bench in gold is made from sturdy 201 stainless steel with an eye-catching gold finish. The simple, straight lines make it ideal for any modern dining room, entryway or bendroom. Place it along a wall, at the foot of a bed or along one side of a dining table. It's perfect for any space where an extra seat is needed. A matching desk and tables are also available. This modern bench features foot caps to prevent scratching hard surface floors.

Mills Indoor/Outdoor Dining Bench

The Mills Dining Bench features a grey-stained Acacia wood base with a thick white seat. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors, this modern bench is ideal for dining rooms, living areas or poolside. A matching dining table and sideboard are also available. Adjustable feet keep it steady on uneven surfaces.

Jonah Dining Bench

The Jonah Dining Bench blends a rustic, organic look with modern styling by combining a grey sheesham wood top with rough hew edges atop a matte black angular metal base. This stunningly unique bench will be the center of attention in any dining space, bedroom or hallway. A matching dining table and sideboard are also available.