11th Jul 2022

Communal Dining And Social Interaction

Fewer things are better at bringing people together than gathering around for a meal. Dinner parties are often our best method for coaxing our friends and neighbors over for wine and conversation. Breaking bread has long been a communal event.

What better way to follow this idea to its logical conclusion, than by using communal seating for your next dinner party? Picture those great barbecue, shrimp boil, or other family style restaurants that use long benches instead of individual chairs for seating. This method often brings together different groups of people and cajoles them into interacting with one another, strangers though they may be. Increasing social interaction should be something we strive for in this modern world of technological isolation, where we email with friends half way across the globe, but never bother meeting our neighbors.

Dining Benches are a great way to embrace open social interaction and entice conversation and intimacy. Check out these great modern dining benches from Eurway, and start bringing people together!

The Carlene Gray Dining Benchhas a great tufted, textured gray fabric upholstery and sleek modern stainless steel base that make for a stylish contemporary dining bench.

The Nadia Black Dining Benchis similar to the Carlene above, but upholstered with black leatherette and includes a backrest. It has the look of a modern classic, and will have your guest cozying up to one another.

The Tamir Dining Benchis a modern industrial style dining bench with a faux rust steel frame and reclaimed wood seat. It will add some edgy style to your next get-together.

The Novel Dining Benchis a sleek stainless steel dining bench for more cutting edge, ultra-modern themed dining areas, however, mixing it in with a complementary scheme could also be interesting. It is obviously a very sturdy and stylish dining bench that will last.