21st Sep 2017

Bravo Office Chair Named "Best Value Ergonomic Office Chair"

The Bravo Office Chair has won faveable.com's 'Best Value Ergonomic Office Chair' for 2017

TheBravo Office Chairhas won Faveable.com's 2017 "Best Value Ergonomic Office Chair."

An Oft-Awarded Design

After Business Insider® gave this chair an award in 2016 for comfort + value, Faveable.com has followed suit this year with "Best Value Ergonomic Office Chair" for 2017. From the article:

"Support:The flat bungie cords that run along the back of this seat are made from high-quality material that lasts and surprisingly provide a lot of support.

Comfort:If a super supportive chair with an even more breathable backrest doesn’t spell comfort to you, then you should move along.

Cost:This is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum for ergonomic office chairs. That’s not saying it’s cheap, but it’s definitely cheaper than some of the other options on our list."

Source: https://faveable.com/articles/18/best-ergonomic-office-chairs

The Bravo Flat Mid Back Modern Office Chair

Bravo Flat Back Office Chair Features:

  • Flat bungie seat + back bands
  • Nylon fittings
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Black nylon base + casters
  • Adjustable height + swivel seat
  • BIFMA approved components

BIFMA Approved Components

The Bravo Office Chair is made from BIFMA approved components.

TheBravo Office Chairis made from BIFMA approved components, making it durable enough for everyday use.

TheBravo Mid Back Flat Bungie Office Chairfeatures unique seat and back bands made from flat bungie cords that connect to the powder-coated graphite black frame via nylon fittings. The height adjustable and swivel seat has a tilt mechanism with two locking positions. 50mm nylon casters add mobility and this modern office chair is made from BIFMA approved components.