Modern Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas for your living room from Eurway

Every room boasts a captivating focal point, and in the living room, it's often the sectionals that claim this coveted spot. Why, you might ask? Well, for starters, their commanding presence demands attention. Furthermore, the allure of a comfortable seating area naturally draws guests in. All of this underscores the fact that the style of your sectional has a profound influence on how people perceive the overall design of your room. Whether you're seeking a fresh look or embarking on a room design from scratch, commencing with the selection of your sectional is an excellent choice.

You've likely encountered the terms "mid-century" or "mid-century modern" in design discussions, or perhaps you've admired these elements in photographs or on television.

Mid-century modern, which emerged in the 1950s, is distinguishable by its emphasis on clean lines, functionality, and intriguing geometric shapes. Pouf ottomans serve as an exceptional example, seamlessly blending simplicity, comfort, and artistic flair.

Mid-century sectionals effortlessly convey this laid-back ambiance through their sleek lines and inviting profiles. Plentiful back cushions invite relaxation to the fullest. Instead of intricate or ornate details, the focus lies on striking configurations. While larger furniture like sectionals accentuates right angles, smaller pieces might experiment with spherical shapes or graceful curves. If this style resonates with you, decorating becomes an exhilarating endeavor, akin to crafting a masterpiece.

The 1950s and early 1960s were characterized by vibrant colors and the incorporation of diverse elements, such as leather, wood, metal, glass, and even synthetic materials. You need not shy away from embracing this diverse palette in your living room. Pendant lights, metallic floor lamps, sleek console tables, and the occasional leather chair harmonize brilliantly. When it comes to infusing bold splashes of color, items like throw blankets, vases, and other home accents prove invaluable.

At Eurway, we firmly believe that, like any artist, your creation is a reflection of your individuality. It's perfectly acceptable to draw inspiration from mid-century modern design, industrial aesthetics, and even Japanese influences, blending elements from each to craft your unique fusion style. There's no need to confine yourself to a single era. Your living room is your canvas. Sectionals with removable backrests, for instance, effortlessly transition from mid-century to minimalist. Throw pillows offer a convenient means to introduce exotic patterns and textures into your design vision.