Modern Coffee and Cocktail Tables

Coffee and Cocktail Tables at Eurway

Your seating area gains both a focal point and a convenient surface for your morning coffee with the addition of a well-chosen coffee table. These essential pieces are the cornerstone of any inviting living room. Whether you're creating a cozy seating nook or enhancing the allure of your spacious living room, our collections offer an array of coffee table options, ranging from warm and inviting wood to sleek glass and chic metal designs.

Shape Matters

When selecting the right coffee table, take inspiration from your existing furniture arrangement. Rectangular and oval coffee tables harmonize beautifully with seating areas featuring long sofas. Square and round tables, on the other hand, are the perfect match for spaces adorned with sectionals, love seats, or an abundance of armchairs. These shapes also flourish in cozy alcoves, bay windows, and intimate seating nooks. If your seating boasts minimalist aesthetics, don't hesitate to explore asymmetrical shapes or captivating geometric designs, as simple furniture layouts offer ample room for experimenting with intriguing accessories.

Material Palette

Coffee tables showcase an array of materials, each contributing its unique character to your living space. Wood, valued for its durability and versatility, seamlessly adapts to various shapes and sizes, making it an excellent choice for achieving a classic mid-century aesthetic. Metal coffee tables, marked by their impressive durability and clean lines, infuse a sense of modernity into your living room. Metal effortlessly pairs with other furnishings, allowing you to coordinate it with statement pieces like mirrored side tables or wood-framed sofas. Glass coffee tables, with their light and airy appearance, are the ideal solution for smaller living rooms, as they maintain an open and unobtrusive presence. Some designs artfully blend materials, with metal legs supporting elegant wood or glass tabletops, for a touch of contemporary sophistication.

Storage Considerations

While not all coffee tables feature built-in storage, it's worth considering your storage needs. In living rooms already equipped with sideboards, closets, shelves, and additional storage solutions, built-in storage might not be necessary. However, there are instances where a bottom shelf provides an extra surface for your remotes and books, allowing the tabletop to remain clutter-free, reserved for your coffee mugs. Certain designs incorporate discreet storage options such as drawers, ideal for concealing cables, TV guides, and games, maintaining a tidy living space.

Accessorizing Your Coffee Table

While coffee tables can certainly shine on their own, a few accessories can enhance their appeal. A coffee table tray not only adds an element of style but also serves as a practical platform for serving coffee, tea, and snacks. It facilitates the transportation of multiple items while safeguarding the table's finish. Scatter a few coasters and trivets around the tabletop when serving drinks to preserve the pristine condition of your wood table. For entertaining guests, elevate your living room's aesthetic with a selection of napkins and a small table runner, adding a touch of flair to your space.