Modern Ottomans and Benches

Storage Ottoman and Benches for the Modern Home

Relax after a long day with our diverse ottoman collections, offering an array of choices like storage ottomans, pouf ottomans, and swivel ottomans for your living room. Maximize your comfort with a storage ottoman paired with your west elm glider chair, replacing the classic recliner while adding extra storage space. In smaller living rooms, utilize a compact pouf ottoman to provide additional seating and conveniently stow it away in a corner when not in use.

Storage Ottomans Vs. Pouf Ottomans

Storage ottomans are equipped with built-in storage, typically featuring a lifting top that reveals ample space underneath. Perfect for storing decorative pillows, throws, and living room accessories, some rectangular ottomans even boast ledges for keeping remote controls, tablets, books, and magazines. On the other hand, pouf ottomans are fabric cubes ideal for resting your feet or providing extra seating when guests arrive. Their space-saving design makes them a practical choice for smaller living rooms, as they can be easily stored in closets or behind chairs. Many poufs feature washable fabric covers, making them suitable for households with children or pets.

Choosing A Material

Ottomans are available in various materials, such as tweed, linen, microfiber, and velvet upholstery. Leather is another popular option. For a cohesive look, match your ottoman with the existing seating in your living room. Alternatively, embrace a contrasting aesthetic by experimenting with different colors and textures, adding variety to your space. Opt for fabric with a print that complements the shades of your furniture for an intriguing twist.

Styling An Ottoman

Ottomans seamlessly enhance your living room decor. They pair well with armchairs, with a small pouf ottoman placed in front for a classic appeal. Complete the look with round side tables. In more compact spaces, consider a large storage ottoman as a coffee table alternative. Use trays to create hard surfaces for holding glasses, mugs, and plates, while enjoying the multifunctionality of your ottoman centerpiece.