31st Mar 2022

Hybrid Furniture in Modern Interiors

One of the ideals contemporary designers strive for is versatility. Getting more use out of less equipment means you can use less space to do the same amount of tasks. This aspect of efficiency is very appealing to both designers and consumers who desire for a clutter free lifestyle.

Furniture that is overtly versatile is interesting because its aesthetics come from its observable functionality. In other words, its forms follow its functions. Its style comes from its usability, versatility and efficiency. I call this type of furniture “Hybrid” furniture.

There is a specific and wonderful appeal to hybrid furniture based on its overt functionality - an appeal that is becoming more widely recognized. At Eurway, we celebrate this growing trend with the following selection of hybrid modern furniture.

The Sutton End Tableincludes a built-in magazine rack to keep its top surface clear for cups and the like, which gives it a hybrid look.

Sleeper sofas are great examples of hybrid furniture.The Malibu Sleeper Sofais a versatile sleeper with inclining edges for added adjustability.

The Natasha Counter Tableis a small counter table with built-in storage, giving it a hybrid look.

TheBluetooth Speaker Deskhas built in Bluetooth speakers, saving desktop space for work materials, etc.

TheCasey Accent Tableis another end table with a built-in magazine rack.

TheContour Rolling End Tabledoubles as a drink cart or moving storage piece. Almost any furniture with wheels is multi-use furniture.