7th Aug 2017

Community First! - Another Installation by CH + Eurway

Collectic Home + Eurway has installed another unit's furniture at the Community! First charity.

The Community First! Charity provides housing for the homeless and is located right outside Austin, Texas. Collectic Home + Eurway have been installing furniture in their units to help provide comfortable and sustainable housing to the area's most in-need citizens.

The Community First! Village outside of Austin, TX

Check out this beautiful grouping of small houses that create a modern village. Who would know that these were built from the charity of others? It is a great achievement to provide such quality housing and a quality community to those that really need them. The village has several shared spaces, such as a community garden, where the inhabitants can do more than just live and survive, they can dwell and thrive.

This unit was furnished by Collectic Home + Eurway

This unit was furnished by Collectic Home + Eurway. It includes aClarice Side Tableand aLotus Sleeper Sofa, among others.

Art and furniture from Collectic Home + Eurway